Storm Damage Photo Gallery

flood cut on drywall and equipment set

What Is A Flood Cut?

A flood cut is when we cut out part of the drywall where there was damage after flooding.The cut is made 12-18 inches above where the flood damage stopped. In most cases, only a 2 foot flood cut is needed. Our highly trained technicians perform a flood cut to ensure that all of the unsanitary water is out of your home and address any moisture issues behind the wall.

roof tarp on roof

Storms Can Cause Damage To Your Roof

Storms with heavy winds can blow off roof shingles leaving you and your home susceptible for water leaks that can lead to mold damage. Our SERVPRO Team is able to give a temporary fix to your roof until new shingles can be placed. 

house tarped after damage

Help With Storm Damage

SERVPRO of Southern Lorain County responds immediately to your storm damage emergencies. We have the storm damage restoration experience and specialized equipment to restore your Cleveland home or business back to pre-storm condition.

flood cut after water damage

Demolition Needed After Water Damage

During heavy rains and storms flooding occurs.  When the water rises to a certain depth within a structure it may be necessary to perform a flood cut.  Here you can see where we assisted a resident that had water rise up on the walls.  SERPVRO of Southern Lorain County performed a flood cut and cleaned the debris and removed it from the home.  We then set drying equipment to further dry the structure.

blue tarp on roof after storm damage

Our SERVPRO Team Can Tarp Your Roof After A Storm

Here at SERVPRO of Southern Lorain County we are always here to help. Things like strong winds, storms and trees can all potentially cause damage to your roof. If not tended to immediately, roof damage can lead to in home water damage, mold and damage to personal items such as furniture. Our SERVPRO Team can tarp up your roof safely, professionally and securely to ensure that your home is protected from further damage. 

equipment set on concrete floor of basement

Storm Damage In Your Basement

SERVPRO of Southern Lorain County was called for water damage restoration service after heavy rains left flooding in the basement of this home. Our technicians used advanced equipment and techniques to dry the property and ready it for structural repairs.

tree fallen on roof

Storm Damage - Cleveland Home

Storm damage occurred at this Elyria home when a big storm blew through causing tree limbs and debris to damage the roof. Our crews responded right away to tarp the roof to prevent further damage.

water on concrete floor in basement

Back Up In Cleveland Basement

This residential home experienced water damage from a storm that rolled through they called our SERVPRO team in. Our crews got to work to start the extraction and drying process. After 3 days of drying we were able to start the restoration process.

drain back up on bathroom floor

Drain Back Up In Commercial Office Building

Heavy rains can cause storm drains to back up and force storm water into your home or business. That was the case in this office building bathroom. Our SERVPRO of Southern Lorain County team was able to have them back up and running quickly.

basement cleaned after sewage back up

Sewage Back Up In Cleveland Basement

This home suffered a sewage backup. Our SERVPRO of Southern Lorain County team responded and immediately began clean up procedures. The drywall then had to be removed due the sewage making its way inside the walls.

equipment set on concrete floor of basement

Equipment Set After Sump Pump Back Up

This local Cleveland home experienced a water loss when the homeowners discovered their sump pump didn't keep up with the continuous rain fall causing it to fail and back up throughout the basement. With a 3 day drying process, our SERVPRO team got their basement back to preloss condition in no time.